Saturday, September 10, 2011

Photo Shoot: The Second Advent Part II

another post after a looooonnggg time (busy with school stuffs) XD
anyway here we go! another photo shoot and maybe update with the Second Advent.

What I did here:
- added some scratch built part on the upper wing binder
- modified the inner wings (DRAGOON ports) to enable Normal Mode and Super DRAGOONS mode XD
- added some plates in the arm guard.
- still detailing the crotch area
- showed the normal mode of the rifle

go ahead and chase me~! :))

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Work in Progress: The Second Advent

Just a little post about my WiP...wait~! it's just a photo shoot! (LoL)

What I did here:
- I fixed some broken scratch built parts (rifles and the wings).
- created a custom flight stand.
- done some little pla-plate detailing
- played some posing on my WiP which I think turned out nice XD

"i'm gonna shoot you~!"

Monday, August 29, 2011

MAC Forums 1st Anniversary

 The party was celebrated last August 27, 2011 at DC's Place.
The celebration was a blast! Why? well~ we have great food,
there was a raffle and i think most of us we're able to get a prize from:
GreattoysEdmund Teo of Hobbymate, and Fil for the shirts
we are able to meet members of the forums especially ToymakerWaylanderIzakku81

BAKUC 2010 Entry: WZC ver.Exiled Angel Prototype

This is my Bandai Action Kits Universal Cup (BAKUC) 2010 Entry

Model Number: AE - 0327XS Proto

Base Kit is a High Grade (HG) 1/144 Wing Zero Custom
Modifications Done: Full Articulation, Plating Design, DRAGOON Weapons, Lance Type Sword
Color Scheme: Dull Coat, Tivoli Blue, White
Status: X

well, the paint job during the competition is pretty bad due to time pressure and i focused
on the scratch building part and modifying the whole kit.

Diorama Stage: The Heaven's Siege. well it looks like a last stand since the angel is the only one
protecting the gate of heaven. :P

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Akroma Concept Art

"No rest, No mercy, No matter what"
From Magic: The Gathering Akroma Angel of Wrath

Date Finished: Around March 2010
Medium: Colored Pencil
Status: :)

BAKUC 2009 Entry: AE - 0227AM BaneSlayer Angel Mirage

This is my Bandai Action Kits Universal Cup (BAKUC) 2009 Entry

Base Kit is a No Grade (NG) 1/100 Freedom Gundam
Modifications Done: Full Articulation, Knightmare Frame Design, Minor Detailing
Color Scheme: Gloss Coat, Black, Gold, Red
Status: X